Electric Car Charger


Mister Sparky installs electric car charging stations like this at many New Orleans area homes. If you’re considering the purchase of an electric car, good for you! You’re doing your part to reduce the nation’s reliance on oil and cut down on fossil fuel emissions, and you get to drive around in style too. But with many newer models, you’ll need to set up a charging station in your own home garage. Public charging stations are not widely available, and nothing beats the convenience of having a power source right outside your door. With an electrician’s help, you can install a charging station on your property and get your car up to speed quickly.

As electric cars become more popular, the types of stations and charging needs will continue to expand. Mister Sparky technicians are trained to help you evaluate your charging needs and your home’s capacity. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for an electric car charging stations.


What is EVSE? And why does your electric car need it? Simply put, EVSE is a protocol to help keep you and your electric car safe while charging.

Using two-way communication between the charger and car, the correct charging current is set based on the maximum current the charger can provide as well as the maximum current the car can receive.Mister Sparky Electrician NOLA intalls these electric car charging systems for New Orleans homes.

As part of the protocol, a safety lock-out exists, preventing current from flowing when the charger is not connected to the car. It ensures that if a cable is not correctly inserted, power will not flow through it.

EVSE can also detect hardware faults, disconnecting the power and preventing battery damage, electrical shorts or worse still, fire.