Outdoor Lighting

Many home owners are adding more outdoor lighting to their homes. Outdoor lighting improves value, increases curb appeal, and offers more security to a home depending on the type you select.

One of the most common types of outdoor lighting for homeowners is outdoor security lighting. An article from Forbes recently revealed that keeping an area well lit during the night time goes a long way in deterring intruders and burglars from breaking in to homes. With outdoor security lighting, you can feel safe no matter what time of day as long as you select models with the proper features.

A couple of these features include motion sensors and high brightness levels. Motion sensors power the outdoor security lights on when there is someone or something lurking around your property, and the brighter a fixture is, the farther its light will carry. More focused illumination is important too, so the light does not get lost in the vast darkness of night.


Another type of outdoor lighting is decorative lighting, which is used to illuminate walkways, plants, shrubs and trees while providing ambience to a yard. Some of the decorative outdoor lighting solutions Mister Sparky offers include: flood lighting, post lighting, porch lighting, coach lighting, accent lighting and track lighting.

You've put a lot of time and effort into your home to make it a nice place to live or visit. Make sure the outside is as pleasant as it is inside. Give us a call and schedule an appointment, so we can help you choose what sort of lighting will make your home shine. We can help you understand the difference between flood lighting, spot lighting, warm lighting, cool lighting, or different kinds of motion lighting. Let Mister Sparky help you transform the exterior look and feel of your home. Give us a call to help you get started.

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