Ceiling Fan Installations


Do you have a room that needs a new ceiling fan? Or do you have an old, noisy or wobbly fan? A ceiling fan installation can improve the value of your home and its appearance. Other ceiling fan services Mister Sparky offers include: re-installation, wiring, re-wiring and tightening. When functioning correctly, ceiling fans provide that extra bit of localized cooling and additional lighting.

There are several brands and styles of ceiling fans to choose from, which can make the selection process overwhelming. Whether you take brand names into consideration or not before making a purchase, hear us out. We’ve found that ceiling fan brands such as Araya, Casablanca, Discus II and Hunter always perform well and stand the test of time. Minka, the Involution, and Westinghouse Bendan are also good choices! Anytime you need a ceiling fan installation, please get in touch with Mister Sparky.

Some of the more popular styles people choose for ceiling fan installation include direct-drive ceiling fans, stack-motor ceiling fans, belt-driven ceiling fans and cast-iron ceiling fans. Direct-drive ceiling fans utilize spinner motors with blades attached to them, and stack-motor ceiling fans are powerful yet efficient, utilizing a dropped flywheel where the blades are mounted. Cast-iron ceiling fans are made up of oil-bath motors, which must be oiled one or two times a year. They have been known to last 70-80 years! Many styles of ceiling fans have been developed over the years due to changes in style preference, technology improvements and the movement for energy conservation over time.

Give us a call today and we'll get that ceiling fan installation placed where you want it, or we'll replace your old one. We've got a variety of ceiling fans we can offer, and name brands you can trust with a performance record you’d be pleased with. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your ceiling fan installation.