Storm Repairs


According to NOAA 2015 saw over 1 Trillion dollars worth of storm damage and storm repair.  We understand that even the smallest amount of damage can be frustrating and heartbreaking. Here at Mister Sparky Electric NOLA we want to help you get your life back on track after a storm.  From a small repair to a whole home catastrophe, we're prepared to get to work for you.

Don't hire someone unqualified or unlicensed.  Too often we're called after a customer makes the mistake of hiring someone who thinks they know electrical work. They discover the work performed wasn't done correctly and their inspections failed. Our technicians know the National Electrical Code as well as local codes. We'll advise you properly and make the repairs needed to get power restored and your inspections passed.

Some companies raise their prices for areas affected by a storm. Mister Sparky Electric NOLA is fair, and straightforward. We don't take advantage of our customers. We believe in honesty and integrity. We'll never raise prices to take advantage of a disaster. Let us be the electrician you can trust.

No one wants to be held up, or wait weeks for their contractor to complete their repairs. We're fast and reliable. We show up when we say we will and we complete the job. We'll coordinate with other contractors you've hired for repair work to make sure you get the finished product you deserve.