When you think of the electrical wiring system of a house, you might know it consists of wires and circuits. These wires and circuits provide a 360-degree delivery of electricity from the main electrical panel to an outlet, or series of outlets that service appliances, and then flows back to the panel. The electric circuits in a standard house electrical wiring system in the United States is generally comprised of 120-volts or 240-volts.

House electrical wiring in the United States is governed by the National Electrical Code (NEC), which is published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70). As an example, the current code dictates that three-pronged, polarized receptacles are to be used in all new home construction, in addition to, outlining the use of ground fault interrupters (GFI) in locations where an electrical appliance may be subjected to moisture.

Interruptions in circuit wiring are not only an inconvenience, but also present fire hazards. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 50 people die every year from accidental electrocutions involving residential wiring, panel boards, circuit breakers, and outlets. Another 40 electrocutions each year involve household appliances that are connected to the wiring of homes.

By making sure you have a thorough electrical inspection completed by a qualified Mister Sparky Electric NOLA electrician before buying, selling or remodeling a home, you can help ensure your home's electrical system operates at the highest level of safety possible. Our trained technicians can provide whole house re-wiring and evaluation of your circuits to ensure the safe delivery of electrical current within your home.

Wiring Repair

Some older homes have aluminum wiring, this has proven to be a safety hazard. Mister Sparky Electric NOLA has been making repairs to homes in the area using safe and legal methods in compliance with the National Electrical Code.

New Homes

Building a new home? Or maybe an addition? Give us a call, we know the national and electrical code. Don’t let an unqualified electrician do the job wrong and fail inspections. We’ll get it right the first time.

New Circuit/Outlet

New appliance Wrong outlet? No problem. Or maybe you just want an outlet in a convenient place. We can do it all. Give us a call if you need a new circuit, or an old one changed out to suit your needs.